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10 Best Rabbit Cages – 2020 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 06.04.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Rabbit Cage + Reviews


We created this guide to help you find the best rabbit cage, even if you’re short on time and you’re tired of looking through all those reviews out there and finding nothing good. After taking enough time to carefully examine all the critically acclaimed cages, our team found out that the Living World Deluxe Habitat is the one that you should have a look at first. It comes with loads of advantages, amongst which a cute balcony that will let your rabbit climb on it and observe the world around. Furthermore, it’s impressive in size and it will provide your beloved pet with enough space to play and exercise. You get everything you need with this cage, including a water dispenser and a food dish that is fixed on the floor, so the pet can’t tip it over. If you can’t find this cage, then you should look for the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation, which is our second pick.



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10 Best Rabbit Cages (Reviews) in 2020



We did our research, and after having a look at most user reviews, after reading experts’ opinion and consulting the sales figures, we found some cages that we liked and think are a good choice. Here are our reviews on them.



1. Living World Deluxe Habitat


This is made to be a house for your rabbit and not only a cage. It’s also suitable for other animals like chinchillas, guinea pigs or ferrets. It provides a safe space for animals, being made of plastic on the bottom part and an upper wire frame. Your rabbit will feel comfortable in it and the cage is also well ventilated.

The habitat also looks good, having an arched red wire top and white wire sides. You can access the cage through two separate openings positioned at the top. There is also a door if you want to let your pet get in and out easily.

Over the small hiding place that your pet can use to feel comfortable, there is a small balcony where the rabbit can stand. There’s even an access ramp to that balcony and a tip-proof dish on that balcony, for your pet to enjoy a good meal.



The fact that the cage has an elevation point makes it more interesting, as your pet can climb and watch the world around it from higher ground, as animals like.

In pictures, it doesn’t seem like a big pet house, but in reality, it’s impressive, measuring 46-8/9 inches in length by 22-⅘ inches in width by 24 inches in height.

The food dish is large enough and it can’t be flipped over by the rabbit and the cage also comes with a water dispenser.

There are 4 doors that can be used to interact with the pet, and two of them can even be left open for the rabbit to roam freely.

Being constructed from quality materials, it’s one of the most enduring cages out there and it’s also safe for animals.



Given the large size and the complicated construction, it’s difficult to clean the cage – you need to take the cage in the garden and hose it.

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2. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation


Made to be a highly versatile home for any small rodent, this rabbit cage on wheels is a good home for rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, rats, and others. It’s a single unit that is big enough for your pets to live comfortably in. The cage also comes with horizontal wire spacing, which makes it more interesting for the animals, because they like to climb and explore.

Each habitat comes with a ramp and a ramp cover, a resting shelf, and a base that’s easy to remove to help you clean it easier. You can access the inside using the double doors positioned in the front, and when opened, these doors make the whole cage accessible. This way, you can have access to your pet and place food and also clean wherever you want.

The play area is a generous one, thanks to the wide floor and the expansive shelf. Furthermore, the shelf can be adjusted in height and has a removable plastic tray for food.



Having a frame made of wire, you can attach toys, hammocks or anything like that from anywhere inside the cage.

Due to the design, you can stack multiple units of the same type on top of each other, saving space in your room and providing more space for your animals.

Under the cage itself, there is another empty level where you can store all the essentials, including food or water for the animals.

The whole multi-level cage comes with wheels, so you can easily reposition it in your house if the rabbit gets tired of the same view.

The shelves can be adjusted in height and that is good news for the pets that like to sit a bit closer to the ground.



Assembling the cage is a bit hazardous and it requires a lot of patience, as you need to place all the things well and hold them together for a long time.

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3. Kennel-Aire A Frame Bunny House


This is a simple and safe home for your bunny to stay and play. The construction is made of wire and it has an arched roof. It’s all made of metal and it will withstand your little pet’s attempts to chew it. The floor is one that easily slides out, to allow you to clean it. The frame of this cage is easy to assemble, requires no tools to do so and it will stay intact.

If you like moving your pet’s habitat around from time to time, you’ll be pleased to find out that this cage has a set of 4 heavy-duty caster wheels that will allow you to reposition the habitat as you want.

There are two separate doors, one on top and one in the front, which allow the pet and the owner to access the cage. This cage is not just for rabbits – it can be used for other small animals too.



It’s very easy to install, and even if you’re not good at assembling things, you will still manage to do it.

The cage is very safe and it’s made of metal, which means your rodents won’t be able to damage it.

It comes with heavy-duty caster wheels meaning that you can move it and position it how you want.

The slide-out plastic floor makes it easy for the owner to clean the cage.

There are two doors, one on top and one on the side, and that allows for easy access inside the cage.



It’s a bit too simplistic and your bunny may get bored sitting in it all day, so make sure you get it out from time to time.

The cage isn’t the most spacious one and that means you will only be able to house a single animal in it at a time.

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4. Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


If you’re looking for a rabbit habitat for your beloved pets but you also want to keep it outside for most of the time, this model is just right. It has a beautiful design that will fit well in any garden. Made of solid wood that is nicely painted in green and white colors, the cage resembles a little home and it even comes with a balcony, where you can place some flowers, for example.

The bottom plate is made of metal that’s resistant to oxidation and besides wood, the cage uses a metal wire frame to keep the rabbits in.

There is a ramp that goes between the bottom and the top floor and you can use an interior hatch to block the access to the top floor if you want to. Your pet can choose to rest in a small room found on the top of the stairs.



The small house is ideal for gardens as it looks great and it also has tons of features to keep it safe against the weather, including an asphalt roof that keeps rain away.

This large rabbit cage with its intricate design gives your pets a lot of room to play in and explore.

When you first get the cage, it comes in a flat-packed format, making it easy for you to assemble it.

The bottom floor has an easy entrance that can be left open at all times, and that makes it easier for your pet to get in and out.



The whole construction is bulky and once you assemble it, you can’t move it and your pets will be forced to have the same scenery.

Because it’s heavy and hard to disassemble, it’s also quite hard to clean, especially on the bottom floor, where access is a bit more difficult.

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5. Best Choice Products 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Pet Rabbit Hutch


Made primarily for rabbits, this versatile hutch can also be used to accommodate other small animals. The living area is spacious and it’s well protected against wild animals, being made of solid fir wood and heavy-duty wire.

Your rabbit will enjoy the spacious inside, as it can make the most out of the running area on the bottom floor and the living area on the top floor. For easy cleaning, the floor is made of two easy-access sliding pans. The two levels are connected with a ramp that has timber rides on it to make it safer for your pet to climb.

Each level has its individual door that provides access in and out. There is a small room on top, where your rabbit can rest. Furthermore, the roof also actions as a trapdoor, providing you an extra way of accessing the cage.



The materials are of good quality and that means you can also keep this habitat outside too as the weather will not affect it.

Your rabbit will have plenty of room to play in and explore, given the fact that the cage has two levels with different rooms.

You can access the cage on each level and you can thus interact with your pet no matter where it is.

The floors of both levels easily slide in and out and this allows for easy cleaning.

The nice design means that you can place this cage wherever you want and it will still look good.



The door hinges could have been sturdier and the pin that holds the doors closed cannot be replaced either.

It doesn’t come with a food bowl or a water dispenser so you will have to figure that one out yourself.

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6. Yaheetech 37/52 inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch


The size of this cage is impressive, especially the height. Measuring 51.6 inches in height, this tower cage will be able to accommodate more than one small pet. There are 5 levels to this cage and they are connected between them with ramps. All of these make an expanded area where animals can rest and play.

There are 3 front doors that let you clean with ease and interact with your pets at any level. Each of these doors is secured with latches to keep the pets safe inside. The frame is made of wired metal and it’s smooth and glossy. For the safety of the animals inside, the corners have all been rounded.

The bottom tray is a slide-out one, allowing you to quickly take it out and clean it. There is also a mesh panel between the bottom of the cage and the tray, to prevent your pets from sitting in their own droppings.



In terms of size, the cage is impressive and it will allow your pets to have fun exploring it in detail.

The large interior space means that you can have a family of pets living inside, each with its own little space.

The tower design means that you can still place it in your home conveniently as it doesn’t occupy too much space.

Hammertone painting on the steel wires means that the cage doesn’t rust too easily, so you can use it outside as well.

By using the 4 smooth swivel-casters you can move the whole cage in your house as you wish.



The ramps seem to be too slippery for small pets, and bigger pets don’t really fit on them.

You can’t use bedding for more comfort, as it falls through the mesh panel on the floor – this means your pets will sit less comfortably.

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7. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home


Constructed to provide a home for a variety of small animals, this cage has a tight wire spacing, 3/8” to be precise, and that means your pets will not escape through the bars. The large base is quite high, allowing your pet to exercise and you to place different rabbit cage accessories on it.

The base is also deep and this will prevent spillings, food or bedding from getting out of the cage, making your life easier. You can access the cage through two large doors, one positioned in the front and one on the top. If your pets want to have a better look outside the cage they can climb on the balcony placed inside.

That balcony is also adjustable in height and to reach it, the pets have to climb a small ramp that has indentations on it to make it less slippery.



The cage offers plenty of space for your pet, given the two levels that offer enough room.

Because the base is so high, you can fill it with a lot of bedding, and that is a really enjoyable environment for those pets that like to get themselves buried in bedding.

The simple design means that you can easily disassemble the cage and clean it with no hassle.

You can move the platform up or down, depending on how high your pet likes to sit, or if it likes to hide under a low platform.

If you have a smaller rabbit, you have enough room on the bottom floor to place toys.



The doors are not secured too well and a determined rabbit could force them open – you will need some extra clips to secure them better.

This cage is a good choice for smaller rabbits only, as bigger pets won’t find it too spacious.

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8. PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch


This little hut will allow you to give your beloved pet time outside while keeping things simple and compact. The triangle shape lets you grab the cage and move it around, and it also means it’s lighter. With the screened walls you ensure good ventilation for your rabbit. The animal will be able to enjoy the environment while being protected against predators.

For easy access to your pet, there are two large doors, one in the wired wall and one in the loft area, the space that is enclosed in wood. The small room will offer your rabbit the safe habitat it needs to feel comfortable, while the outdoor space lets it roam and exercise.

The distance between the metal wires is small enough to keep rabbits inside, and also smaller pets like guinea pigs or even chicks. Putting the whole pen together takes little time; you can have it assembled in 10 minutes.



The cage is so lightweight and you can put it anywhere in your yard.

Coming with no floor means that your pet will be able to enjoy the feeling of grass, while still being safe.

Your rabbit will be able to run around the outside enclosure part.

Cleaning it is extremely easy, and that is also due to the cage only having a floor in the loft area, which is accessible via a large door.

Being made of cedar, this cage has a nice smell and it is also resistant against bugs and weather.



Having no floor, you won’t be able to use the cage indoors, as the pets will make a big mess on your carpet.

It’s quite small for a big rabbit and if you have a pet like that, you can only use it to give the pet some outside time, but not for keeping it in the cage.

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9. Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage Durable 100% All-Metal Multi-Level Cage


The Nutrition Mansion Cage is made specifically for small mammals like rabbits, chinchillas, degus, prairie dogs or rats. The cage is designed to be used as a 2-level house for your pet but you can also couple two cages to make them a 4-level house, giving more room to your pet.

Everything that makes this cage is metal, including the floor bases and the platform shelves. The walls are heavy-duty metal wire and they are scratch-proof and can’t be bent. The manufacturers designed it with durability in mind and it will last your pet for a lifetime.

The spaces between the wires are half an inch wide, meaning that even the smallest pets can’t get out and they are well protected. Two large front doors, half the width of the cage, offer access to both levels. You also get a lower accessory shelf where you can store food, water, and the essentials for the pets.



This all-metal cage is so sturdy, scratch-proof, and chew-proof, that it will last a long time and keep your pets safely inside at any given moment.

There is enough room for your rabbit to explore, especially if you decide to couple two of these cages together.

The small balcony provides a place for your pets to sit on and look outside, and they can also use it to take shelter under it for more comfort.

Metal floor trays won’t smell bad and because they are slide-out models, they can be removed and cleaned with ease.

The cage is easy to build and even if you don’t have experience with assembling things, you will find it fun to do.



The stairs to the balcony are too thin and placed too wide apart, so animals like rabbits will find it difficult to climb them.

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10. Petpark Rabbit Hutch Wood Bunny Cage House Rabbit


Having a durable construction and a weatherproof design, this hutch is ideal for those animals that like to spend more time outdoors. The sturdiness of this cage is given by the quality of the fir wood used and the metal wires that make some of its walls. It has a small room where the rabbit can sit comfortably and where it is protected from the weather.

This room is covered with an asphalt roof, so no water will get inside. There are two doors that give you access to the wireframe part of the hutch, while another door opens the small room from above. Sitting on 4 legs, the cage is raised and keeps your pet at a safe distance from the ground.

The bottom tray can be removed by sliding it out and that facilitates cleaning. It also comes with instructions on how to assemble it.



The hutch looks really nice and it would be a nice addition to any backyard, and furthermore, it can also be used inside the house.

As the instructions are easy to follow, when you manage to finish the assembly process you realize how sturdy the cage really is.

Every part of this hutch is safe for your pet, including the paint, which is non-toxic and waterproof too.

The mesh that acts as a floor keeps your animal dry and unhealthy stuff away from it and onto the bottom metal tray.

Your rabbit will feel safe inside the wooden room, especially if you add some bedding there.



The mesh floor also means that your pet won’t have the possibility to feel comfortable on it and will spend more time inside the little room.

It’s quite heavy and once you assemble it and place it in a certain spot, you will probably avoid moving it again.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Your beloved rabbit should feel comfortable in its new home and furthermore, the habitat should provide a safe and fun environment. A cage should be spacious to offer the room needed for exercise. There are many models to choose from and making the choice depends on whether you prefer to keep your pet indoors or outside and many other factors.

Indoor or outdoor cage

When looking at rabbit cages you must first know if your rabbit likes to spend time indoors or whether it prefers an outdoor hutch. Or you may just be unable to keep one inside and you will be forced to get an outdoor cage. Either way, there are models suitable for both styles. Keeping your pet outdoors might seem like a great idea at all times but that isn’t always true.

If you have a safe environment, there is no issue, but if you can find owls, feral dogs or possums, you will want to keep your pet as far away from them as possible. Cage wires, although quite tough, can be broken by persistent predators, and even if they aren’t broken, you don’t want your rabbit to constantly be stressed.

Outdoor cages should mostly be used as an alternative to offer your rabbit some time outside from time to time, and not as a living space for them. You can use hutches but place them inside if they aren’t too bulky and also look quite nice. Indoor cages in your house keep the animals very safe and they also offer you the possibility to interact with them more.


Size is important

Depending on the space that your house offers, getting a cage that is spacious enough for your pet should be a priority. That is especially true if you don’t tend to get the rabbit out all that often. A spacious cage is even more important when you have more than one rabbit.

There are certain cages that have a space-saving design and they will fit in a corner of your house while offering ample room to your rabbits. These cages are usually tall and offer different platforms for your pets.

A cage that is less than 28 inches in length is only good for one rabbit. For two of them, you need a cage that is at least 45 inches long. Your beloved pets need room to exercise in, especially taking into account that in small spaces they tend to get anxious and start chewing what they can find around them.

Weight and portability

You ideally want your pets to have a diverse environment and in order to achieve that, you will need to move the cage from time to time. A heavy cage won’t help you much, as you will have a difficult time moving it. However, there are heavier models that come with heavy-duty caster wheels and this way you can push them around your house.

If you travel a lot and can’t leave your pets at home, you can buy a rabbit travel cage, which offers a bit less space, but is good for a couple of days while you are away from home. If the rabbit house is heavy, it should at least be easy to disassemble in order to help you move it that way.


Safety and comfort

What provides a rabbit with a good habitat is the quality of the materials used in building its house. The materials also have a great impact on how safe the cage is, especially if it’s one designed to be left outdoors. Usually, outdoor models have an asphalt roof that keeps water away. They also have sturdier metal wires for keeping predators out.

Very durable metal rabbit cages can, however, come with their drawbacks. That is most often the case when the floor is made of wire mesh. Pets that live in such cages have to always keep their feet on the wires and this is uncomfortable; even more so, when you can’t place any bedding on the mesh, as it will fall through.

Small animals like to hide and that is why they appreciate a cage that has a small room, or a balcony under which they can hide or feel comfortable. Comfort is also ensured by the amount of space the rabbit has. Be sure to get a cage that lets your pet move freely.




Frequently asked questions about rabbit cages


Q: How to set up a rabbit cage?

After you’ve chosen the cage and made sure it’s the right size for your rabbit, you will need to also purchase a litter box, a food bowl, and a water bottle if the cage doesn’t come with those. Make sure to line the cage with bedding and remember that the bigger the rabbit, the thicker the bedding needs to be.

Place the litter box and fill it with a layer of newspaper, then one layer of litter for rabbits, then a layer of hay. Also place the food bowl and the water dispenser, preferably not next to the litter box. Make sure to put some fun toys in the cage.


Q: How big should a rabbit cage be?

Rabbit cages should have a living space and also an exercising space, as rabbits love to hop and move around. For a grown rabbit, the ideal living space should be 12 square feet and an additional 32 square feet should be reserved for exercising. Also, a height of 2 feet is good and will let even the biggest rabbits sit on their hind legs.

Of course, these are the dimensions suggested if you have space or if you can let your rabbit outside. However, if your rabbit is under 4.4 pounds, it can live in a minimum space of 1.5 square feet.



Q: How much does a rabbit cage cost?

The cost of the cage depends if it’s made for inside or outside use. Outdoor rabbit cages, or hutches, are a bit pricier but that’s because they are usually made of wood too and they are more spacious. Some people prefer to make their own hutch, but if you don’t want to bother with that, you can find one for around $150-$200.

Indoor cages are less expensive and depending on the design, on how big they are and what they offer, they range between $50 to $100. You can choose to get some small and cheap rabbit cages if you leave your rabbits out occasionally.


Q: How to remove rabbit urine stains from cage?

Cages that offer a slide-out floor are especially useful when you try to remove urine stains. To start removing them, you first need to get rid of all the bedding on the cage floor and also all the other items. Use white vinegar and spray it on the stains. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe off the surface with a paper towel.

If it doesn’t wipe off from the first try, repeat the process. For persistent stains use a stiff scrub brush to remove them. In the end, rinse the entire cage with plain water, or you can hose it outside.


Q: What do rabbits like in their cage?

The first thing you should provide to a rabbit is bedding – make it as thick as possible, especially for bigger rabbits. Because rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth healthy, you need to give them hay too. You also want to create an enriching environment, one in which your pet doesn’t get bored.

You can place cardboard boxes in the bunny rabbit cage, empty paper towel rolls or soft cotton towels. Of course, you can always buy some toys from the local store, just make sure your rabbit doesn’t tear apart the toys and doesn’t eat them.


Q: Can rabbits share a cage?

When rabbits are adults, they can be very particular regarding other rabbits and they won’t necessarily want a companion. Due to this, it’s important that you introduce the two rabbits slowly to each other. If the rabbits have lived together since birth, they are more easily adaptable to a friend.

However, adult rabbits, especially females, tend to get aggressive toward another rabbit in their cage, due to reproductive hormones. Dominant males will also be more aggressive and want to assert themselves over less assertive rabbits. It is thus not recommended to place two rabbits in the same cage.



Q: How to put water bottle on rabbit cage?

Water bottles for small cages have a pouring system that requires them to be placed with the tap pointing down. To place a water bottle on a cage, firstly put the small hose between the wire bars and make sure your pets can reach it with ease.

Also, most bottles come with little hooks. Attach those hooks to the cage and make sure everything stays in place. If your water bottle doesn’t come with hooks, you can use a piece of wire to create them yourself, but make sure they don’t stick out, as you don’t want your pet to get injured in them.


Q: Do rabbits need bedding in their cages?

Rabbits prefer sleeping on smooth surfaces and sometimes things like bedding may confuse them, especially if it’s hay. They could think that the bedding is actually the litter box. Although they might not care for the bedding type, good bedding should be used to keep the environment dry.

Pellets are great, especially if you use them in some corners when trying to encourage your rabbit to do its business in a certain spot. Some rabbits enjoy sitting on a fleece or a memory foam, especially in their resting area, but others just prefer the plastic floor.




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