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10 Best Hamster Balls – 2020 Comparison & Reviews

Last Updated: 28.02.20


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Hamster Ball + Reviews


Admit it, hamsters are incredibly adorable when they pick up food with their tiny hands and put it in their mouths and chew. Unfortunately, these rodents have a habit of overeating and, unless you carefully watch their diet, they can easily get overweight or obese. So what better way to promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet if not by choosing the best hamster ball? We did the research for you and have discovered that a reliable item would be the Kaytee Run-About 7-inch. It is made of high-quality transparent plastic to always know what your hamster is doing. It measures seven inches in diameter, enough for adult gerbils, hamsters, and other small rodents. The ball is designed to encourage healthy exercising in a safe environment. If this product is not available right away, perhaps a good alternative would be the Lee’s Kritter Krawler Small.



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10 Best Hamster Balls (Reviews) in 2020



Hamsters tend to get bored easily so they either require a partner or lots of extra activities and stimulating toys to play with. So, if you’re in the market for a large hamster ball that will keep your pet busy and active at the same time, we may have some choices for you. Showcased below you’ll find some of the critically acclaimed products on the market, alongside their main characteristics.



1. Kaytee Run-About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball Moon Glow


Available in various colors, this exercise ball can be easily put inside any cage or become the perfect tool for your pet to safely discover your entire house. It is made of sturdy plastic and measures approximately seven inches in diameter, which makes it large enough to accommodate small rodents like gerbils, mice, and dwarf hamsters.

The transparent design is great because you get to see inside the ball every second, so you can easily keep an eye on your pet and observe its behavior. It is made to encourage healthy exercising in a safe and secure way, without worrying about heavy or sharp materials like metal bars or wood splinters that can injure your rodent.

The ball has an easy slide opening mechanism that will secure the pet inside and prevent it from getting off the ball and exploring on its own.



Measuring seven inches in diameter, it is a big hamster ball, enough to comfortably accommodate all types of small rodents, including gerbils and hamsters, while providing plenty of space to breathe and stretch their paws.

The item is made of plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around from one place to another or to store inside the cage.

It represents a fun and safe way for your pet to exercise, get rid of extra weight, and still satisfy its curiosity of exploring.

The product features small holes on the entire surface that provide excellent ventilation, ensuring your pet receives enough oxygen to support its efforts.



According to some customers, the plastic construction is a bit flimsy, so it may not resist very well shocks on impacts.

Some other people who purchased the ball claimed that their pets managed to escape outside the ball, so you should constantly supervise your rodent if you don’t want to end up looking for it in the entire house.

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2. Lee’s Kritter Krawler Mini Exercise Ball 5-Inch Clear


Specifically designed for small pets, this ball is the perfect alternative for those who got bored of the regular running wheels inside the cage. The product is big enough to comfortably accommodate all breeds of small rodents, especially mice and dwarf hamsters.

It measures approximately four inches in diameter and comes in a clear, transparent design, that allows you to see inside it and watch all of your pet’s moves. It represents a great hideaway and a comfortable temporary location for your pet while you’re cleaning your cage and an excellent choice if you want to give it more liberty to explore without losing it.

The ball comes with ribs inside that ensure a better gripping power for your pet, allowing it to rest without falling and moving at its own pace. Thus, your hamster will enjoy a more comfortable ride and will be able to easily get off the ball once it finished its exercising routine.



The product is made of quality plastic that is lightweight and transparent, making it easy to transport and deposit, as well as perfect for seeing what your pet is up to every second.

It is mainly sized for small rodents such as dwarf hamsters or mice so that they can enjoy a comfortable ride exploring the house or working out inside their cages.

Thanks to the ribs inside, your pet will benefit from a better grip, preventing slipping, injuring or getting frustrated.

The ball also benefits from large carving holes that ensure proper ventilation with enough oxygen to support your hamster’s workout routine.



Some customers were preoccupied with the rather small size of the ball, mentioning it is not big enough for adult hamsters or larger rodents, so make sure to measure your pet accordingly and see if this ball is the perfect fit for it.

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3. Lee’s Kritter Krawler Mini Exercise Ball 5-Inch Colored


Similar to the previous product, this hamster ball mainly differs in size. It is a bit smaller, so we only recommend it for dwarf hamsters, baby hamsters, and little mice. The product is made of high-quality plastic that won’t shatter or chip and is resistant to impacts and shocks.

The clear, transparent design provides perfect visibility for your pet and it also gives you a clue about how the animal is feeling inside. The small dimensions allow the ball to be easily placed inside your rodent’s cage or alongside other accessories. It is lightweight and easy to transport, offering a fun and exciting way to exercise and explore the premises of your house.

We liked that the ball comes with inside ribs that ensure an improved gripping power, adding safety and preventing the risk of injuries. In addition, the large holes ensure proper ventilation, providing the perfect amount of oxygen to your hamster and support its exercising.



Made of high-quality plastic, this product won’t chip, break or shatter very easily, which turns it into a useful and safe exercising tool for your overweight rodent.

The clear and transparent design is perfect for ensuring proper visibility for your pet while also allowing you to see the animal’s every move and make sure it remains safe.

The smart design of the ball features ribs inside that provide better gripping power and help to maintain a safe and comfortable posture for the pet.

It comes with a safe opening and closing mechanism, preventing the rodent from escaping the ball while using it and, thus, hurting itself.



Some customers mentioned the ball is rather small for gerbils or any other rodent that doesn’t include dwarf hamsters, baby hamsters, and mice, and it may cause stress and a sense of claustrophobia.

Other people said the lid on the ball doesn’t fit perfectly, so your pet might figure a way out.

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4. Kaytee Run-about 7″ Exercise Ball Dazzle Colors Vary


If you’re looking for a great, comfortable, and glamorous new accessory for your hamster cage, why not consider this new exercise ball from Kaytee Run? It comes in beautiful and shiny colors, from yellow to pink, blue, and purple. We suggest collecting them all if you own more than one rodent, and create a safe and fun environment for each of them.

The product measures seven inches in diameter, which makes it big enough for numerous small rodents, including mice, hamsters, and even gerbils. It is made of sturdy and reliable plastic, transparent enough to keep an eye on your pet whenever it’s inside the ball.

This item represents a great way for your pet to exercise, stretch, and even provides a comfortable secondary location for lazy days. It comes with a secure mechanism that prevents it from easily opening, which means your pet will remain safe inside.



The product is safe to use and comes with a secure mechanism that won’t allow opening while your pet is using it, preventing the risk of injuries or you losing your hamster inside the house.

It comes in various colorful designs, while the clear plastic case makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your pet whenever it’s using this device.

The product is large enough for small pets and will ensure a safe posture, preventing bone or muscle pains.

The circular holes around the ball ensure improved ventilation, allowing your pet to breathe properly and receive enough oxygen to support its workout routine.



Although not a product flaw, keep in mind that not all rodents will enjoy a running ball, as it might seem rather crowded and small enough to create panic attacks, anxiety, and even trigger claustrophobia or other health problems.

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5. Lee’s Kritter Krawler Jumbo Exercise Ball


Are you looking for an exercise ball that is big enough to comfortably accommodate even larger rodents? The new ten-inch ball from Lee’s is perfect for gerbils, mice, Guinea pigs, hedgehogs, chinchillas, and larger breeds of hamsters like the Syrian hamster. It is available in various colors, although you won’t know exactly which shade you will receive.

The product is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic that is resistant to shatter, cracks, and shocks, providing a safe and fun environment for your pet to exercise. The closing mechanism is hard to decipher by pets, so you won’t have to worry about your rodent escaping it and starting running around the house.

The ball features ribs inside that provide improved gripping power, preventing your hamster from falling. It will also promote a healthy position and won’t cause muscle or bone pains in the long term.



The product measures ten inches in diameter, more than enough to comfortably accommodate small and medium-sized rodents, from Syrian hamsters to hedgehogs, and even chinchillas.

It is made of quality plastic that is durable, resistant, and reliable, so it won’t break or chip even if you accidentally drop it on the floor.

The circular holes located on the entire area of the ball are specifically designed to offer perfect ventilation, providing enough oxygen for your pet to breathe and keep on exercising.

It is the perfect toy to use when trying to keep a healthy and active lifestyle or, on the contrary, when your pet needs a quiet place to rest while inside its cage.



We don’t suggest purchasing the product if you own small breeds of rodents such as mice or dwarf hamsters as the ball is too big and may cause exhaustion and muscle pains.

Some customers were not pleased with the quality of the material, saying it is too flimsy for oversized pets that could really use working out more.

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6. M-Pets Purple Hamster Ball 6-inch


Just like the name suggests, this exercise ball arrives in a calm shade of purple, perfect for both male and female hamsters. The transparent plastic design allows you to easily see what your pet is doing inside it, while the pet gets perfect visibility to move the ball around the house.

It represents a fun and safe method of getting rid of extra pounds or recovering after surgery. Since it measures 6.9 inches in diameter, it is comfortable enough to accommodate small-sized rodents such as mice and various hamster breeds.

It can even work as a secondary sleeping or transportation location and, if filled with hay, it could become the perfect hideout for your little rodent.

The ball features a safety closing system that will prevent your pet from escaping it while running, but we still suggest you only use the product under your strict surveillance.



It is perfect for exercising, transporting or as a hideout location for your pet, ensuring hours of fun and entertainment.

The large size makes the ball suitable for comfortably accommodating small and medium-sized rodents, including gerbils, hamsters or rats.

The product is made of high-quality plastic that is transparent, providing increased visibility for your pet while inside it, as well as for you, so you know exactly what your pawed friend is up to any minute.

Thanks to the multiple holes displayed all over the surface of the ball, your pet will receive enough oxygen to support a full workout routine.



We do not recommend using the item on small rodents or babies as it doesn’t provide enough support for the spine and the bones, which may lead to health problems later on.

We suggest using the ball only on plane surfaces, and not on stairs or in rooms full of obstacles, as your hamster might get injured during its exploration mission.

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7. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy Fun Pet Balls


This set contains three different exercise balls, all made of 100% natural materials. None of the items contains glue, plastic or chemical dyes, which makes them a safe solution even for the most sensitive members of your pet family.

The balls are designed to stimulate your pet’s imagination and provide endless hours of fun. They are perfect for nibbling, playing, and will prevent boredom. The products are great for all small and medium-sized rodents, from Guinea pigs to gerbils, and even hamsters.

Each ball measures approximately 2.6 inches and it is made of natural seagrass, hyacinth or rattan. They stimulate your pet’s chewing instinct, keeping teeth clean and strong.

What we also liked about these items is that they can be filled with hay or other delicious treats and organic snacks, which will only double the fun as your pet will try to find a way to the inside treasure.



The set contains three different balls made of hyacinth, rattan, and natural seagrass, all 100% natural materials that are perfect for chewing.

The items stimulate your pet’s curiosity and imagination, while also maintaining their teeth strong and healthy.

The balls are lightweight and, thanks to their reduced dimensions, can be easily placed inside your hamster’s cage.

None of the items contains chemicals, chemical dyes, plastic, metal or glue, which makes them safe for all animals, without causing allergic reactions or food poisoning.



Although most people who purchased the balls were pleased with their overall quality, one thing is for sure – if your rodent loves chewing, you’ll have to replace the products pretty soon as they will get torn apart and chewed entirely.

For some pets, the balls may be too small to grab, while others don’t seem too interested in them in the first place.

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8. Niteangel Treat Ball Snack Ball for Small Animals


This interactive and fun toy is specifically designed to be pushed or rolled by your pet to encourage physical activity and stimulate the imagination. The toy represents a great choice to keep your small rodent busy for hours, chasing away boredom whenever you cannot turn into a playing partner.

The item is available in two dimensions and is great for small and medium-sized pets, including gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, Guinea pigs, and hedgehogs. It is made of high-quality and BPA-free plastic and won’t cause allergic reactions or other health problems.

The bright yellow design with painted orange carrots will certainly look delicious for your pet and, thanks to the adjustable-opening featured, you can use the toy to hide kibbles, small treats, and snacks.

We really appreciated that the manufacturer makes sure each toy is individually tested to ensure there isn’t any fault in the opening mechanism and that the product won’t possess any threat to your rodent.



The item is perfectly sized to meet the needs of small and medium-sized pets so that each of your pawed friends can enjoy a quality time exercising or playing with the ball.

The product was specifically constructed to keep away boredom and help your pet relax while stimulating its imagination and improving its workout routine at the same time.

The adjustable opening you can find at the bottom allows you to sneak inside the toy all your rodent’s favorite snacks and organic treats, from juicy fruits to delicious fresh veggies or seeds.

Most customers who purchased the ball appreciated its sturdy construction and the fact that it can be easily used by pets.



Some customers who ordered the toy mentioned their rodents find it difficult to nearly impossible to get the treats outside the ball, which may cause frustration or lack of interest after a while.

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9. Prevue Hendryx 1094 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Ball Toy


This ball represents the perfect combination between relaxation and exercise and will stimulate your rodent’s instincts of burrowing, exploring, and nesting. It measures approximately seven and a half inches in diameter, which makes it perfect for dwarf rabbits, gerbils, Guinea pigs, and hamsters.

It is made of 100% natural black grass and doesn’t contain any chemicals, dyes, glues, plastic or metal, which turns it into a safe option even for the most sensitive little animals.

The ball features two large windows that provide a great way to get inside and outside, without you worrying about your pet getting stuck. It is lightweight and easy to transport and will make a great addition in your hamster’s cage. However, if you want to keep your furry friend happy, make sure to combine the ball with other toys and accessories.

The product can also be used as a chewing toy or a delicious snack, ensuring your rodent’s teeth remain strong and healthy.



This toy is made of high-quality black grass and, since it doesn’t contain any dyes, chemicals, hot glue or other potentially harmful substances, it can be safely used by all pets, even the most sensitive ones.

It was specifically made to stimulate your rodent’s imagination, improving its nesting, burrowing, and exploring instincts.

Thanks to its generous dimensions, the ball can easily accommodate medium-sized pets, including hamsters, Guinea pigs, gerbils, and dwarf rabbits.

It is lightweight and compact, and won’t occupy too much space, meaning you can place it inside your pet’s cage to provide additional safe space for sleeping or playing.



As with all other toys and accessories made of natural materials, this ball won’t last an eternity either, especially if you have a busy rodent that enjoys chewing on things, meaning you will end up replacing the toy after a couple of months.

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10. Prevue Hendryx 1095 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Ball Toy


If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to regular exercise balls that won’t stress your pet or cause health problems in the long term, perhaps this new toy from Prevue Hendryx represents a good choice.

It is made of 100% natural black grass and doesn’t contain any dyes, chemicals, glues, plastic or metal, which makes it a suitable and reliable choice for all rodents, no matter their age or how sensitive they are.

The ball is specifically designed to satisfy your pet’s natural instincts of nesting, burrowing, and exploring. It is ideal for small and medium-sized animals, including gerbils, chinchillas, Guinea pigs, and hamsters. It measures nine inches in diameter, so it’s comfortable and large enough for your pet to get in and out of it easily.

It can be used as a nest, an additional home, an exercise ball or a delicious snack for those with a chewing habit.



The item is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to transport and deposit in your pet’s cage as an alternative source of entertainment.

It is made of 100% natural materials, so it is safe to use even by the most sensitive animals or even newborns.

The nine-inch ball with two large windows represents the perfect hideout or relaxation corner and can even act as the perfect place to store your rodent’s snacks, treats, and kibbles.

The product also satisfies your pet’s natural chewing instinct, protecting its teeth and preventing them from overgrowing.



Although most customers appreciated the large size and the solid construction of this ball, you won’t be able to keep it for too long, especially if your pet enjoys chewing on things, as it will tear it apart string by string.

According to some people who purchased it, the toy could be a little scratchy, so you should be careful before your animal gets used to it.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Finding the best hamster ball could prove quite the challenge, especially since there are many options worth considering. We believe that our comprehensive buying guide will underline the most important elements and features you should consider when purchasing such an item, so you can identify the product that will best match your pet’s unique requirements.


The first and most important feature to take into account is the actual size or the diameter of the ball. Keep in mind that many balls are mainly suitable for dwarf rodent breeds, so they may not be a good fit for rats, chinchillas, and even adult hamsters. Therefore, we strongly suggest you measure your pet accordingly and double-check with the manufacturer to ensure your rodent will enjoy a comfortable ride.

Keep in mind that a ball too small may cause anxiety and even panic attacks to your pet, especially if the ventilation holes are not big enough for your hamster to try and breathe properly. On the other hand, a large hamster ball may be more difficult to move and handle, especially by inexperienced animals.

Also, think about where you are going to deposit the ball whenever your pet is not using it. In our opinion, the toy should be compact enough to fit into your pet’s cage or alongside all your animal’s other toys and accessories.


Materials used

Unlike hamster wheels that can be made of a variety of materials, most balls are made of plastic. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of the plastic doesn’t matter. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a good hamster ball that will last your pet a long time from now on, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the material, as well as its overall design.

Items made out of thin or flimsy plastic should be avoided as they are not trustworthy and can even prove dangerous in the long run. Although the price is not always a criterion worth considering, sometimes, cheap hamster balls can reflect poor craftsmanship or materials.

So how do you make sure the item you choose is reliable? One way would be to go online and read some of the hamster ball reviews and see what other customers have to say. Another way would be to pay close attention to the product’s description and read about the type of plastic used.

It goes without saying that the materials used should be smooth and safe, so make sure to opt for BPA-free plastic that won’t harm your hamster even if it decides to chew on it.


Security features

Since most pet owners prefer allowing their hamsters to explore the entire house inside a ball, it’s important for that product to be as tight and secure as possible.

So, another feature to take into account when looking for hamster balls for sale is the opening and closing system of the toy. Make sure it comes with a safety system or a secure clasp that won’t allow your pet to figure a way out.

If you’re not entirely sure the security system of the ball is enough to keep your smart pet out of trouble, you may want to consider using the ball only when you’re around and on small, clean surfaces, out of the reach of other pets. It would be safer to allow your pet to use the ball inside a single room and avoid contact with stairs or any other harsh surfaces that might cause injuries.



Last but not least, the new toy you’re opting for should also come with a proper ventilation system. Holes should cover the entire area of the ball and should be large enough to ensure your pet has enough air to breathe and work out at the same time.

Keep in mind that some pets may get claustrophobic too, so it would be best to test the new toy for a while first. Put your rodent inside it and let it figure out things on its own for a few minutes. If you notice any sudden changes in its behavior, perhaps it would be better to stick to a regular exercise wheel.

Either way, don’t forget that it may take some time until your pet adjusts to its new toys and the liberty to explore new territories outside its cage. So, if you want to keep your rodent happy and active, have it use the ball at least a couple of times a week for a few minutes.



Frequently asked questions about hamster balls


Q: How much is a hamster ball?

These products come in various sizes and that influences the final price. Price may also depend on the manufacturing brand, the quality of the material, the design or any other additional features that might improve the overall exercising experience of your pet.

Luckily, we are talking about regular accessories for rodents, so a decent hamster exercise ball shouldn’t cost more than fifteen dollars. If you own a small rodent like a mouse or a dwarf hamster, you may even get away with the miniature balls that don’t measure more than 4-5 inches in diameter and don’t cost more than ten dollars.

Q: How long can a hamster stay in a ball?

The length of the exercising program depends on your pet’s immune system, endurance, and personality. Hamsters can easily get lazy, especially if you provide them with more food than they require on a regular basis. Thus, we cannot precisely tell the time your pet should stay in such a ball.

It also depends on the rodent’s personality and interest, as some animals may not be attracted to this type of entertainment. However, don’t be too quick to judge your hamster’s personality and try to put it inside the ball a few times before deciding whether or not you should keep it. Some rodents may take up to one week before they get used to or develop an attraction toward a certain toy.


Q: How big should a hamster ball be?

The size of the ball depends entirely on the size of your pet. Gerbils and bigger breeds of hamsters require more space to comfortably sit or exercise in the ball, so the diameter of the toy should be around 7-8 inches at the very least.

On the other hand, a product that is too big might cause your pet to put on extra effort to use it properly, which could lead to stress, exhaustion or even injury. Therefore, we strongly recommend you measure your pet and then compare the measurements with the diameter of the ball for the right fit.


Q: What size hamster ball for a Syrian hamster?

As we previously mentioned, you should purchase the toy according to your hamster’s size. Syrian hamsters are larger breeds, and therefore require more space to feel safe and sound inside the ball. We suggest opting for a ball of at least 10 inches in diameter, although these are not very popular options in most pet shops and online stores.

It is very important for your pet to have enough space to move freely inside and arch its body as little as possible. An unsuitable ball size can easily lead to injuries, back pains, and stress, not to mention the inability to breathe properly and signs of claustrophobia.


Q: Can gerbils use hamster balls?

Gerbils, just like all other small rodents, require physical activity to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid obesity. However, not all animals may enjoy the experience, so it is really up to your furry pet’s personality to either love or hate exercise wheels and hamster balls.

If you decided to purchase a ball for your little-pawed friend, we suggest opting for one that has approximately seven inches in diameter. It is the most comfortable size for gerbils and won’t put extra pressure on its bones or muscles. To avoid injuries or stressing out the gerbil, we recommend placing the ball on a plane surface, without carpets, stairs or other obstacles.




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