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10 Best Guinea Pig Foods in 2020 – Reviews & Analysis

Last Updated: 27.02.20


Top Foods for Guinea Pigs – Guide & Comparison


Finding the best guinea pig food might prove to be more time-consuming than expected, as there’s a lot of information available on this topic. However, this is not something to worry about, as in the next lines you’ll find the relevant information you need. Our team has thoroughly researched the various guinea pig food alternatives by gathering data from customers and experts and concluded that the product you should consider as a first option is Small Pet Select’s Pellets food. Produced only in small batches, this food keeps its freshness for a longer period. Since it’s made using ingredients of the highest quality and is timothy hay-based, it ensures the core nutrients for a balanced diet. Moreover, the vitamins and minerals included sustain a healthy immune system. If this product is, for any reason, unavailable in your area, the second option you should go for is Tropical Carnival’s Gourmet food.



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10 Best Guinea Pig Foods (Reviews) in 2020



There are multiple guinea pig foods available on the market, which might sometimes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, you should not worry, as the detailed guinea pig food reviews below are actually a selection of some of the highest-rated products in this category.



1. Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets


Sometimes it can be hard to find that good guinea pig food that will suit your little friend’s needs. However, it’s a good thing that alternatives such as Small Pet Select’s products are available for sale. The food we’re talking about here is an ultra-premium timothy hay-based one that includes all of the essential vitamins and minerals your guinea pig needs.

Since the pellets are made in small batches and using only top-quality ingredients, including hand-selected timothy hay, you can rest assured that this product is one of those safe foods for guinea pigs. This means you have nothing to worry about in terms of any harmful substances.

If you combine this product with moderate amounts of fresh veggies, then your guinea pig’s diet will be a balanced one. Plus, given that manufacturer is a small family-owned business, you can be sure that your pet’s needs are thoroughly understood.



This Small Pet Select product is one of the highest quality guinea pig foods available on the market, so you can safely try it and see if your little pet likes it as well.

Using only ingredients of the finest quality, the food is timothy hay based, which is an essential element of a healthy diet.

Since it’s made only in small batches, the food’s freshness is ensured each time you buy this product.

The essential vitamins and minerals included in this formula offer multiple benefits for your guinea pig’s health.



Given that a pet’s food preferences can differ, there’s a chance that your little friend might take some time to get used to this food, especially if you are switching from other products.

The pellets’ size might be too large for some young guinea pigs, so you might want to first purchase a smaller quantity and see how it works.

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2. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Gourmet Guinea Pig Food


Tropical Carnival Foods and Treats has been specially developed to offer the right combination of nutrients and a delicious taste, so there’s a very high chance that it will become the new guinea pig favorite food around your home. There are also plenty of benefits it offers, so don’t hesitate to read further.

This blend is packed with multiple high-quality ingredients, while also being vitamin-fortified, so each bite ensures a healthy intake. Moreover, the beneficial bacteria included support a healthy digestion. In terms of ingredients, farm-fresh veggies are part of the mix since these are an excellent source of fibers, vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates.

Besides the benefits offered in terms of nutrition, this Gourmet food also includes the manufacturer’s Zoo-Vital Biscuits. This is a specially formulated element that ensures healthy teeth and gums given that your little furry friends need to chew on something for proper oral care.



The Tropical Carnival food is specially formulated to meet the daily dietary needs of guinea pigs, given that it’s fortified with vitamins and nutrients.

Thanks to the added probiotics, a good digestion is also ensured, which means that your pet will get everything he or she needs out of the nutrient-rich ingredients included.

Given that the manufacturer also added Vitamin C in the formula, a healthy immune system is also sustained throughout time.

The Gourmet food includes the specially formulated Zoo-Vital Biscuits that help maintain healthy gums and teeth, so you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to dental care.



As it can sometimes happen in very rare cases, this food might not fit your guinea pig’s particular preferences, so you might want to purchase a smaller quantity at first.

If you are switching another food for this one, make sure that the transition is gradually made.

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3. Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig


This Oxbow guinea pig food might be just what your pet needs if you are looking for a product made from timothy grass, that comes with multiple benefits in terms of nutrition and health. Given that it’s specially formulated for guinea pigs, you have nothing to worry about in terms of any harmful ingredients.

Since adult guinea pigs have different dietary needs compared to young ones, Oxbow took this into consideration when developing this product. For this reason, a high level of fibers is included, but a lower one of proteins, calories, and calcium. This is, in fact, the optimal formula for an adult’s digestive system.

Moreover, the balanced formula also includes stabilized vitamins which make this food suitable for pregnant and lactating pets. This is a more special situation, but still one in which it’s good to know that you can rely on the food to provide the necessary nutrition.



Made of timothy grass, this Oxbow food includes a high fiber level suitable for the needs of adult guinea pigs.

Given that this product is specially made for adults, the size of the pellets is also adjusted to their needs, so they will be able to eat them without any difficulty.

The pellet type of food is a very good alternative because your pet can eat a little bit of all the nutritious ingredients, while it also tends to be less messy than other options.

With an optimized and balanced formula that includes stabilized vitamins, the Essentials Adult food can also be successfully used for pregnant and lactating pets.



This Oxbow alternative is not necessarily a cheap guinea pig food, but its quality is certainly worth the price, given that it’s praised by many pet owners who have given it a shot.

There were some issues with broken packages upon delivery in certain cases.

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4. Higgins Sunburst Guinea Pig 6 Lbs


Higgins’ Sunburst product is another option that can be safely added to your guinea pig food list, especially if you are looking for a high-quality alternative that includes natural ingredients, as well as added vitamins and minerals. This 6 lbs. package is one to be tried out since it ensures a healthy and balanced diet for your little friend.

There are many products on the market that claim to bring different benefits, but Higgins’ product is enriched with DHA Omega fatty acids, as well as with digestive probiotics, which means that your pet’s digestive system is protected and sustained.

Since the Sunburst food was created as an all-in-one treat, you should not worry that it might not tempt your guinea pig. The mix contains multiple ingredients that help ensure a balanced diet, such as wholesome fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and many more, so you can go for a versatile and healthy alternative.



The multitude of elements this mix contains makes it a very good choice if you want to offer some variety to your guinea pig in terms of texture and flavor.

Given the various ingredients and the specially made pellets within the mix, there will be no issue for any guinea pig to easily eat the food.

Most previous buyers praise this product for its flavor since their pets cannot resist the temptation and eat this food with great pleasure.

Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and DHA Omega fatty acids, Higgins’ product is definitely one of those guinea pig safe foods.



Some previous buyers have stated that there were fewer fruits within the mix than expected, but don’t forget that the pellets are a mix of ingredients.

This alternative might seem more pricey than other guinea pig foods on the market, but the quality of the ingredients makes it worth the cost.

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5. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Guinea Pig Food


Developed by an animal nutrition expert, Kaytee’s product comes with multiple ingredients that sustain your pet’s health and development. Among these, you can rely on prebiotics and probiotics that protect the digestive system, which means that your little friend will be able to enjoy the food while no issue should appear when it comes to this matter.

Rich in antioxidants, the Forti-Diet Pro is an excellent choice if you want a food that also enhances the immune system. Besides all of the above, what sets Kaytee’s product apart from other similar ones is the fact that it comes in large, crunchy pellets that support dental health.

We all know that guinea pigs love chewing all the time, this being a habit that helps maintain their teeth at a normal length, and the manufacturer took this into account when it developed this product specially formulated for guinea pigs.



Since it’s created by an animal nutrition expert, Kaytee’s food is one of those alternatives you can safely buy for your pet, as it ensures that his or her needs will be met.

Thanks to the naturally preserved formula which ensures an ideal freshness, once you receive the delivery your guinea pig will be able to enjoy the flavor.

The large and crunchy pellets help ensure dental health by using the pet’s natural chewing habit.

Given the prebiotics and probiotics included in the formula, the digestive system is protected so you have one thing less to be concerned about.



The mix contains colored pellets as well, but some guinea pigs don’t enjoy them too much, so there might be a little waste there if your pet falls into the not-so-impressed category.

In certain cases, the package was a little damaged upon delivery, but this is something that you can solve by contacting the seller’s customer representatives.

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6. Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig


If you have an adult guinea pig, Oxbow’s product might be exactly what you have been looking for, if you want to find a food specially developed for this age category. If you decide to give this product a try, all you need to do is add it to a nice guinea pig food bowl and allow your little friend to enjoy it.

As you are most probably well aware of, guinea pigs tend to be rather sensitive and can easily be affected by different elements in their environment. That’s why you should always try to choose those vitamin C foods for guinea pigs that are made of high-quality ingredients, such as this Oxbow one.

The product also includes many other nutrients and minerals essential for a healthy life. Given that it’s specially developed for adult guinea pigs, it meets their needs by ensuring a high fiber intake, but a lower protein and calories one.   



This formula offers a complete and stable nutrition for adult guinea pigs, given that it takes their particularities into consideration.

Since it comes in pellets, you can be sure that every bite contains a little bit of the high-quality ingredients that ensure a balanced nutrition.

As adult guinea pigs don’t require such a high intake of calcium (as younger ones do as they develop), this formula ensures that an optimal level is maintained.

Being timothy-based, a high level of fibers is ensured, which also means that the digestive system is protected and sustained.



Guinea pigs can be rather picky when it comes to food, so your own might not be such a fan at first and he or she might need some time to get used to the new taste.

For some pet owners, this Oxbow product is rather expensive, especially if they own more than one guinea pig.

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7. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food


Vitakraft is one of those well-known brands among guinea pig owners, given that the products it offers are made of high-quality ingredients with a flavor that is hard to resist. Since the quality of a pet’s diet has a significant impact on both health and well-being, you should get this food and see how it works.

The VitaSmart product line is specially designed to meet all the dietary needs of guinea pigs, while the mix itself offers variety in terms of ingredients, taste, and textures. With a high fiber timothy formula, the food also sustains a healthy digestive system while the bioavailability of nutrients means that the diet won’t lack any essential elements.

Moreover, due to the natural oils, Omega fatty acids, and flax seeds included in this mix, the pet’s skin is kept healthy, a thing that you will be able to clearly see when you’ll pet a shiny coat.



Vitakraft’s VitaSmart product ensures a fortified nutrition so that your guinea pig can enjoy a long and healthy life.

The DHA Omega-3 fatty acids and natural oils it includes are there to ensure that his or her skin and coat are maintained throughout time.

With probiotics, complex minerals, and antioxidants also added, the digestive and immune systems are protected and sustained.

Since guinea pigs tend to be sensitive pets, the VitaSmart Timothy Formula was developed to ensure their health by offering overall protection from within.



Although many previous buyers praise this formula and its appealing flavor, there were some cases in which guinea pigs were not very keen to eat the pellets.

Purchasing a smaller quantity at first might be a good idea, especially if you want to transition from another type of food and, therefore, test to see if your pet likes this new one.

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8. Oxbow Animal Health Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig


Oxbow’s Cavy Cuisine product is surely not one of those guinea pig foods to avoid, but one that you should take a closer look at since it might be just what you need if you want to offer your pet a high-quality nutrition.

Recommended by vets for adult guinea pigs, the Cavy Cuisine was specially developed by taking their particular needs into account. What this means is that a lower protein, calcium and calorie intake is ensured, but a higher fiber one so that all the dietary requirements are met.

Moreover, given that this Oxbow product contains stabilized Vitamin C, the immune system is also protected, while the optimal calcium-to-phosphorus ratio works to maintain the pet’s overall health. Available in multiple pack sizes, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, depending on the number of guinea pigs that are part of your life.



As an adult pet does not require the same levels of proteins, calcium, and fibers as young ones that are still developing do, the Cavy Cuisine food was specially made to ensure an optimally balanced diet.

Given that it comes in pellets, this food might be an alternative that requires less cleaning around the cage since there are no small seeds to be thrown outside by your pet as he or she moves around.

Both the digestive and immune systems are protected by multiple ingredients included in this mix.

The pellets help maintain a guinea pig’s dental health, by wearing the teeth through the chewing process.



The pellets ensure a balanced intake of various ingredients, but it might offer less variety in terms of texture and taste.

In the case of this product, as well, there were certain cases in which pets were not as attracted by the new food, so you might want to test it out at first.

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9. Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig Food 4lbs


The Selective food offered by Supreme Pet Foods is just one of the many products specially developed by the brand to meet the unique nutritional requirements of small animals. Since only ingredients of the highest quality are used for its production, you can be sure that your guinea pig will enjoy the best these have to offer.

The blend is rich in natural ingredients that help sustain your pet’s health, including his or her skin and coat, while the recipes are developed to be palatable without using any added sugar, as other similar products do. The fixed formula and the high level of fibers contained minimize the risk of any digestion issues.

Moreover, since guinea pigs can’t produce Vitamin C on their own, they need a regular source within the diet. For this reason, the Selective food contains stabilized Vitamin C, which is, of course, essential for a healthy life.



Each bite ensures the right, natural and balanced nutrition, as the kibbles provide everything needed and your pet can’t select only those ingredients he or she prefers.

With natural flavors such as dandelion and fennel, the Selective food is tasty without relying on unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, molasses, or fruit syrup.

A shiny coat is one way to identify if your pet is in good health, and the Omega-3 oils from linseed help in this matter by maintaining a healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Given the high fiber levels, chewing time is longer which also means that teeth are kept trim and that the digestive system functions correctly.



Since it comes in kibbles, there’s less texture and taste variety that your pet can enjoy.

If your guinea pig is rather picky when it comes to food, you might want to purchase a smaller batch at first and see how it works.

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10. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food


Known among guinea pig owners for its tasty products, Vitakraft offers this Menu specially developed as the ultimate food for your little friend since it features high-quality ingredients selected so that all the nutritional requirements are met.

The mixture of fruits, vegetables, and fortified pellets brings more than just nutrition since they also offer multiple textures and flavors out of which your pet can choose. The concentrated pellets ensure that a bit of the essential elements is taken with each bite while the versatile and nutritious ingredients on the side are some of the ones guinea pigs usually crave.

Moreover, given that it features a Unique Care Complex blend, the Menu provides natural probiotics for a healthy digestive system, as well as DHA Omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential for heart and brain functions, for a strong immune system, and for a healthy coat.



The great taste is what makes this Vitakraft product one of those you should definitely purchase, especially if you are dealing with a rather picky guinea pig.

Given the fortified and balanced formula, you can rest assured that your pet gets the proper nutrition in all life stages.

The Vitamin C included in this food is there to support the immune system, which is essential, given that guinea pigs tend to be rather sensitive throughout their lives.

Packaged in a convenient resealable bag, the freshness of this food is retained for a longer period which means more tastiness for your pet.



With both pellets and other ingredients in the same mix, this food might prove to be a bit messier around the cage, especially if your pet enjoys running around his or her space.

Although this is a tasty alternative, there were some cases in which guinea pigs were not as excited about it as most other pets were.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Guinea pigs are wonderful pets that bring us a lot of joy. For this reason, and not only this one, when it comes to finding foods guinea pigs can eat, it’s important to make the right choice based on what our little furry friends need. Since we are not talking about them being out in the wild, one needs to make sure that all of the nutritional needs are met.

This might seem a little difficult, especially if you have just welcomed a guinea pig into your home and you are still figuring out how to best take care of him or her. Another aspect that you need to be aware of is that they tend to be sensitive to changes in their diets or environment.

In turn, this means that they need special care by paying attention to details such as choosing a food that also sustains the immune and digestive systems, as well as choosing the right place around the house for them.

Therefore, we’ve decided to give you a hand by putting together this guide that will take you through the main things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the next food for your guinea pig.

Food base

Most of the foods available on the market are either alfalfa or timothy-based, as these ingredients offer plenty of benefits for your pet. After all, you don’t want a food that only contains fillers with little nutritional value. However, you should know the differences between these two.

An alfalfa base contains high levels of calcium, which makes it suitable for guinea pigs under 6 months old. Young pets need all the support they can get while their bones and muscles are still developing. However, once a guinea pig has reached maturity, which is around 6 months of age, a timothy hay-based food is a better option.

According to some experts, if too much calcium is provided to adult guinea pigs, there’s a chance that kidney stones might appear. Therefore, timothy-based food which comes with lower calcium levels is a better option.


Mix or pellets?

Since there are so many products available in this category, you might be wondering which one of these two options is the most suitable one. This is a matter of balance and preferences, but what you should keep in mind is that pellets provide the real nutritional value since they contain a little bit of all of the ingredients.

However, it’s true that sometimes our rodent friends might prefer mixed foods. In this case, you can definitely use these as treats. In an ideal situation, your pet enjoys a little bit of both options, especially as this also means some variety in terms of taste and texture.

Given the natural habit of chewing most of the time, pellets are also specially developed to help maintain healthy teeth by wearing them in the process. Of course, mix foods are also effective in this sense, but if you have any concern regarding your pet’s dental health, you should check with a vet and see what the best option is in any given situation.


Ingredients and vitamins  

Since your guinea pig doesn’t live in the wild where he or she could find various types of food (as wild cavies do), it’s important to make sure that the one you choose is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals, the essential one being Vitamin C for a healthy immune system.

Other elements which any high-quality and nutritious food should include are fatty acids and antioxidants, as these sustain a guinea pig’s overall health, all the way to having a shiny coat. In this case, as well, you might want to talk to a vet in case you know your pet has any particular needs.

A minimum level of proteins and fibers are also necessary while foods that contain prebiotics and probiotics are preferred since they ensure a healthy digestive system (one of the essential aspects of a guinea pig’s healthy life).


Introducing new food

If you are thinking about switching foods and, therefore, introducing a new element in your pet’s routine, it’s best to gradually do this in order to ensure that it’s properly tolerated and, this way, avoid potential issues.

Any kind of new food, either fresh or processed, should be introduced in small portions so that you can quickly react in case your pet deals with an upset stomach. Also, you should not introduce more than one new element at a time, in order to identify the cause in case anything goes wrong.



Frequently asked questions about guinea pig food


Q: Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food?

Guinea pigs can’t synthesize their own vitamin C, therefore it needs to come from their food. Pellets that are specially made for guinea pigs do contain the optimal levels of vitamin C, but the same cannot be said about rabbit food, as this one doesn’t contain any since it’s adapted to another type of animal.

For this reason, it’s not a very good idea to feed your guinea pig food made for rabbits, especially for a longer period, as the lack of vitamin C in his or her diet can cause some serious health problems such as bleeding gums, stiff joints, or a reduced appetite.

Q: What foods can guinea pigs eat?

The list of foods that a guinea pig can eat is a rather permissive one. The first and most important ingredient is hay which should not be missing from any diet. Of course, going for a mix or food specially developed for these rodents is the easiest and most effective choice for a complete nutrition.

However, if you want to also add fresh fruits and vegetables, there’s a rather large list out of which you can choose. Veggies such as cucumber, lettuce, or carrots are some of the most popular alternatives while fruits such as apples or bananas can also be included.


Q: Can guinea pigs eat hamster food?

Hamsters have different dietary needs than guinea pigs since the former are omnivores which means they can also eat meat, among many other things. Although the mix foods or pellets might seem similar, there are significant differences in terms of their nutritional value, so it’s best to avoid using the same food for both types of pets.

Another aspect you should be aware of is that while guinea pigs eat their food, hamsters tend to store it in their cheeks, which also means that the structure of the pellets is different since it’s adapted to these particular behaviors.


Q: Can chinchillas eat guinea pig food?

Pellets specially developed for guinea pigs include high levels of Vitamin C and, in the case of food formulated for adults, low calcium levels. Chinchillas have very different dietary needs compared to guinea pigs, and their food is based on alfalfa with extra vitamins and minerals added.

For this reason, the same food should not be given to the two types of pets. Moreover, since chinchillas have a particular digestive system compared to other rodents, you should always make sure that you buy food that is specially made for them. Otherwise, there’s a chance they may face digestive issues.


Q: Can guinea pigs eat human food?

Guinea pigs can eat certain fresh fruits and vegetables that we eat as well, but nothing from the cooked food category. Some of the vegetables that can be added to their diet include carrots, cucumber, celery, but you should avoid any type of vegetable that contains seeds since these can lead to digestive problems.

The same principle applies in the case of fruits, the most popular choices being apples or bananas, although the latter should be avoided if your pet is dealing with health issues related to weight or diabetes. You should always get a vet’s opinion on what fresh veggies and fruits should be included in your pet’s diet.


Q: How much food to feed a guinea pig?

When it comes to the quantity of food a guinea pig should eat, you need to remember that these are rodents that have a natural chewing instinct. For this reason, you can provide unlimited amounts of hay throughout the day.

However, not the same applies when it comes to pellets, and a general rule of thumb says they should get about ⅛ cup once a day. Of course, this also depends on the pet’s age, dietary needs and on the chosen food. You should carefully read the label and ask a vet if you have any questions.




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